Wednesday, 8 August 2012

UltimatePowerProfits Marketing Plan In Details

In GlobalOne we have three separate compensation plans. We are paid evenly with 3 distinct sources that combine together to form the most magnificent system of commission ever possibile.

Compensation Plan #1: Spinfinity

Spinfinity is fantastic, amazing and revolutionary compensation plan that has everyone very excited. Basically, all members of the business are placed in one straight line based on their join date. The membership is then split into 3 zones. The top two zones are pay zones, and the bottom zone is a non-pay zone. 

Every three days, the membership spins or rotates, where the top group moves to the bottom, the bottom group moves to the middle, and the middle group moves to the top.  

An algorithm is used to assign dollar values to each position, where the top position in the top group has the highest payout, and the payout amounts descend to where the bottom position in the middle group has the lowest payout.  

Therefore, you will receive a payout every 3 days, unless you are in the non-pay zone. This ensures that every member will get paid a minimum of every 6 days, or 6 times per month, through Spinfinity.  

As far as the earning potential, it can vary greatly. It all depends on where you end up after each spin. It is possible for a member to join at the tin level for just $10/month, spin and end up in the top position, and end up earning over $1000 in just one day!
As with all the compensation plans, members also receive 20% matching bonuses on all of their referrals down to 5 generations deep. 

 Compensation Plan #2: GoGlobal Profit Pool 

The GoGlobal Profit Pool is the compensation plan that requires the work, though you do not need to refer others to earn. 

Through the GoGlobal profit pool, you accumulate points by giving away bid tokens to the iGoBidWin auction site. For every free token you give away that is used, you earn 1 point per token. Whenever a customer purchases tokens from your site, you earn 5 points every time these tokens are used.  

If you do not want to give away tokens, you can spend 5 tokens to put them in the companies “marketing machine” and they will market and give away the tokens on your behalf. Every 3 days, you are paid based on the number of points you have accumulated in that pay period.

Therefore, with no referrals, you can receive up to 10 payouts per month through the GoGlobal profit pool. Also, like with Spinfinity, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep.  

Compensation Plan #3: GoToInfinity   

GoToInfinity is the easiest part of the compensation plan to understand. Simply put, it is a 3×10 company forced matrix. There is not a requirement to refer others, as it is possible to receive both spillover and spillunder from your team.  

GoToInfinity pays out every 3 days, or 10 times per month. Like with the other compensation plans, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep. However, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on everyone on your 4th level of the matrix, even if they are not within your first 5 referral generations.  
Therefore, with no sponsoring, members can receive up to 26 payouts per month as a standard affiliate.  However, if you refer others, you can receive up to an additional 26 payouts per month for every referral down to 5 generations deep.
And… we get additional earnings!!! 

All members, will receive a monthly residual payout based on the upgraded members in their team, regardless of their personal rank.  

* Tin - $0.20
* Copper - $0.50
* Silver - $1.00
* Gold - $1.50
* Platinum - $.2.00

(if you are a tin member and you refer a platinum, you get $2/month) 

AND that residual monthly commissions from upgraded members is paid out on your Infinity matrix, NOT your 5 generations!!!  This means you earn $.20/tin, $.50/Copper, $1/Silver, $1.50/Gold, and $2/Platinum for everyone in your 3×10 matrix!!!  Whether you’ve sponsored them or not!!!   

AND, there will be 5 leadership bonus pools!
Those are based not on your team, but on your own personal efforts.  

5% of all company profits go into the star bonus pools.  An equal amount in placed in each pool, and divided among all the members at that rank.  

These are the star ranks: 

* 1 Star Leader - Personally sponsored 10 Platinums
* 2 Star Leader - Personally sponsored 20 Platinums
* 3 Star Leader - Personally sponsored 30 Platinums
* 4 Star Leader - Personally sponsored 40 Platinums
* 5 Star Leader - Personally sponsored 50 Platinums 
1% of company profits goes into each pool.  If you are the only 5 star leader, you will receive 1% of all company profits by yourself!  Let’s say the company makes $1,000,000 in an entire month.  There will then be $10,000 in the 5-star bonus pool.  If there is only one person in that pool, that is a $10,000 BONUS payout.  Not to mention the monthly profits for the company could be much more than that. 

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